“I must get close to reality. I want it whole. Otherwise I would be doing in my own way

… What I most dislike in the Beaux Arts. I would be getting a preconceived idea in my head and modelling the truth on it, whereas what I really want is to model myself on the truth.”

Paul Cezanne in conversation with Joachim Gasquet (‘Cezanne’ by F. Edgar from the ‘World of Art series’ Thames and Hudson p. 175). My italics.

Disparate polarities in tension.

i think this brings us back to counterpoint:

giacometti really pushes his clay into contrasting shapes – each sculpture vibrates with energy because of the fractious tension of surface mark making.

there is also a remarkable stillness…

this is more difficult to identify… maybe it is down to his many hours of work, of looking & his amazing understanding of earlier forms of art and of mysticism… but also i think his understanding of cezanne.

thse were drawn in the tate modern i was considering using the photographs i took  – but i am not a photographer.  & incidently the light / ambience of the tate is horrible. makes it even harder to see the pieces and there is no way of relaxing into contemplation.

makes it very hard to draw.

no matter what else you might read the sketch below is of a joshua reynolds in the tate britain (!) probably. it maybe someone i dislike equally to sir josh.


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