… – what’s that dish for?”

“it’s meant for plum-cake”

“we’d better take it with us,” the knight said. “it’ll come in handy if we find any plum-cake. help me to get it into this bag.

lewis carroll;  ‘alice through the looking glass’.

last week – as far as it was productive – was spent drawing in galleries and museums.

we shall begin at the beginning:

this is the earliest known example of a representation of sexual intercourse – in stone & it was discovered in the middle east. pre-historic it is.

at first glance it looks a little like a couple of cuddling penises (anthropomorphised?). drawing it gave me the impression that one was male and the other female – just from details. it is small, it is simple and very probably a direct influence on brancusi and ‘the kiss’ (if he had never seen it that would be a great tribute to the man).


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