What manner of things?” said the Queen, looking over the book (in which Alice had put “the White Knight is sliding down the poker. He balances very badly.”). “That’s not a memorandum of your feelings!”

Lewis Carroll, “Through the Looking Glass and what Alice found there”.

i can open this book and find something fitting whenever / wherever. i have a lovely copy of the illustrated lewis carroll. courtesy of a sister.

i made it to two other galleries last week.

the first was showing a selection of work of leon kossoff from the last ten years.

he spends many hours painting this (hawksmoor) church on the edge of spitalfields. three or five of them are exhibition at ‘annely judd fine art’ with a number of portraits & um landscapes.

the first time i have seen a large group of his.

i also went to the wallace collection.

i can’t stay away from a valesquez. still a very strange place – the wallace collection – too bleeding rococo. lots of stuff that’s been ‘crimped’ and annoying victoriana.

maybe that’s all art really is. generally speaking.

makes a velasquez stand out.


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