i was walking from deptford to peckham. via new cross.

approximately one month ago i walked from my studio in deptford, though new cross, to meet a friend in peckham. he has a flat & a studio there.

before i left another friend recommended that i not catch the bus – the roads were blocked. he need not have bothered because i was wanting to save the bus fare.

he was not in. my friend in peckham was not in.

peckham was jammed with cars and police & elderly crowds of onlookers.

the previous few weeks had seen the closing of area 10 and before that an incoming tory government. since then – about a month later – we have heard that goldsmiths college was losing all its funding and also that most other educational institutions would too. goldsmiths college was on my left as i passed through new cross.

deptford – one of the poorest areas of london / england will lose its jobcentre. the next nearest is a good three / four mile walk away. in peckham. most of my friends are being sent to a place near catford. the deptford jobcentre will become a restaurant.

i wanted to check on area 10 to see if the artists who had been working there were being allowed to reclaim their work. the notion of negotiating police persuaded me to leave it alone.

i would have liked to have stopped for pie & mash but money is short.

the audience around the police line were smiling toothlessly. i think i hear one of them talking about a suicide / someone had jumped from a building.

i think that it is a short time after this i call another friend to offer them our living room to sleep in for a time. but for the moment i just walk home with a view to making pie and forgetting about the suicide. i failed so i wrote this. it has been on my mind for a while because i wanted to do it justice – i will probably continue to re edit.


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