There is so little I know. It is as though I were walking down a long corridor that once was mirrored, and fragments of mirror still hang there, dark and shadowy, reflecting a dark image of me… and yet not me… someone else, in other clothes, of another time, doing things I have never done… but still me… And I can’t stop to ask why, I must keep on walking. At the end of the corridor there is nothing but darkness…

Madelaine Ester, Vertigo, script written by Samuel A. Taylor & Alec Coppel based on the novel by Pierre Boileau and Thomas Narcejac. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. 1958.


not sure i have much to say.

putting this film with this image maybe killing the piece. giving it more meaning than it deserves.

it is this particular quote that i wish to use.

the film is beautiful.


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