We’re here

Because we’re here

We’re here

Because we’re here…

English song from the trenches, world war 1.

londons warming up.


One thought on “here

  1. Ha! You know, god is a funny, funny notion if you have a vagina and you actually know it. Marx wrote something about labor-pain, too. It’s pain in German, labor in French, interesting either way. I can’t see how there will ever be a proletariat as long as there are 2+ sexes and a necessary division in the production of people.

    That’s good, the proletariat may very well be a dystopia…. that sorta looks like now??? It may not even be people but objects.

    Toque Macaques (sp?) have this class society that is just like Versailles. It’s horrifying. Attenborough “Social Climbers” from the “Life of Mammals.” I’m obsessed with those 50 mins. You can watch a baboon evolve right before your eyes — from eating larva in flamingo dung to saying “fuck it, I think ‘ll take the bird.” Genius! 3 years later, the whole tribe are flamingo hunters. Class/culture/narrative is built in to nature.

    I’m in a terribly surly mood.

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