Economy of form, & a sensibility fine tuned to minimilist stimuli, are elements of Bauhaus aesthetics that appear bleak & puritanical for post modern tastes that tend to be based on much higher stimulas threshholds.”

Eva Forgacs ‘The Bauhaus Idea and Politics.’ Trans. John Bakti.

this came up in my reading around the bauhaus – i would like to continue this study i think, fascinating to look at artists for whom it would be very easy to become reactionary (given the circumstances) ploughing on to make something as pro-active, & pragmatic, & idealistic as the bauhaus – and that for all its’ flaws.

aesthetic value is a precarious thing.

taste being subjective…


so quality is subjective.

both being products of lifestyle. taste, fashion, lifestyle, self, culture: all being cultural capital… constructs to define ‘status’, convince the ego that it has importance.


that is all.


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