Someone once told me that every minute a murder occurs, so I don’t want to waste your time, I know you want to go back to work.

Alfred Hitchcock (found on internet)


life lived, life analysed… or life put on a pedestal…


i have been doing the rounds of galleries in picadilly. it’s amazing what some of these artists get up to.


it’s not just that most of it is bland or poorly executed. but  a lot of it does not relate to anything but the artists’ fantasy. i understand why they are successful (some anyway) but… i think they are interchangeable & the collectors would be better served by buying a well took photograph & since they all seem to insist on monumental size – blowing it up to frame.

rather than exploring the roots of the fantasy – the fantasy is illustrated. it give a glimpse into the psyche which is unpleasant but also… boring.

i did see some very interesting work though… but another time for that.


…genitalia and rodents.

a nameless art critics idea of the ‘creepy’ oeuvre of lucien freud.

this was from the previously mentioned performance workshop.

making it is so much more important than writing about it.


this was one of a number of drawings done during a performance workshop with magda tuka and  przemek wasilkowski.

the workshop was largely based around grotowski’s teachings. gave me plenty to think on.

more ii

More important than roast rabbit?

Kiga Koyata, from ’13 Assassins’ by Takashi Miike.


henry moore worked from nature – small sketches drawing from bones, stones, people and landscape

[not very fashionable.]

not all by the bizarre number of pieces of work he had scaled up deserved it – probably very few of them deserved it. at pery green the landscaping doesn’t help; there being a determined eradication of ‘wild’ so the savagery & weirdness that moore himself brought out in his work cannot harmonise with the landscape. becoming more eccentric detritus divorced from their surroundings – art objects.

it is wonderful to see his workshops – full of his small models, and the objects of inspiration; scattered about in personable, functional outbuildings. the countryside around is beautiful.


this is – i think – the most perverse, raw thing i have done – there are about 10 of them. marks made with lavender oil, then etched, i want to make as many as i can…

but for the moment i have no etching facilities so this exhibition will have to wait.


I set about seeking a thread, a theme, a style, in the realm of legend. Something that might allow me to give free rein to my juvenile sense of romanticism and the beautiful image.

Leni Reifenstahl – found on internet, quotes pertaining to romanticism.

there will be an exhibition of blake opening in august at the tate britain. some newly acquired pieces on show apparently.

blake in romanticism. am skeptical – but will walk up there and take a butchers at some point. might be nice to see him exhibited alongside turner – ?

post script:

english visual culture resembles a half arsed skrap book with green ink annotation compiled by the aesthetically challenged. the sort you might find at a house clearance. but preserved in plastic due to health & safety regulations – thusly blanding anything inspirational.


To be an artist is to believe in life.

Henry Moore. Off

i went over to henry moore’s cottage in hertfordshire over the weekend.

the house is being kept exactly as it was when he died.

to walk around it we had to wrap bits of plastic around our shoes – partly to protect the carpet and partly i suspect to increase the impression that the place has some sort of; untouchable, import. it seems the master and mistress of the house are conjured into unliving participation in their own museum – crockery is laid out, whiskey & rum left undrunk, sofa unused and books unread…

the main room moore used to greet visitors is cordoned off so one can only look into a very strange exhibition. a very english sitting room of the eighties – but very much from the seventies – cluttered with amazing sculpture and painting – some beautiful examples of African tribal sculpture , a couple of courbets, a rodin, medieval stone angels… none of which can be approached – all of which are frozen in the moment they were left. they could be anything, given the surroundings they should be examples of porcelain animals, dolls, stuffed game, lead soldiers, pinned butterflies, pressed flowers, stuffed pets in weird poses, waxworks…

just another collection of curiosities in a comfortable (suffocatingly crowded) and gloomy room.

entropy is held back & life is shooed away and henry & irina moore are held to earth. as far as helping his legacy i think that this gives ammunition to the snobbery & faint praise that his work engenders… i like the work, i think it needs rethinking and decontextualising after all he’s dead.


this image is of a drawing i did of a rodin sketch a few years back – a study for jacques wassant – a beautifully simple & obtuse little head. my little sketch of the sketch is nicely framed in a hard wood frame and hung on my bed room wall. it is a drawing i am very proud of: mirroring the contrapuntal rhythms of the original and the strange organic texture, strange, slightly alienating but clear.

the final result of the sketch rodin made can be found next to the houses of parliament, on a plinth with the rest of the burghers of callais; it is monumental.

the whole area is very odd around parliament. disorientating, strangely attractive, thoroughly managed and faintly grotesque. a small park with a huge henry moore here – a tiny ancient monument beside a massive cathedral there… (& so on).

walking around westminster (under the beady, savage gaze of armed law enforcement) is very disorientating. in every city i have been in britain; everything i have observed built – whether it be roads, office blocks, shopping, sculpture, whatever… has inspired the – not really a question as such, a response: who put that there.

westminster brings this ‘response’ to a sensational, ludicrous degree.

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