hauser and wirth have  a very interesting exhibition at the moment.

matthew day jackson brings various modes of representation to bring in ghosts to cultural artefacts – or more precisely observing that cultural artefacts are ghosts…

that more or less all of the detritus of human experience can be classified as ‘ghosts’ – the exhibition conjures up a realm i think analogous to j. g. ballard’s; as the artist scrutinises his-self his death and the traces we leave, like say, self portraits (the above picture is not a picture of me).

i think there have been observations along the lines that every piece an artist produces is a self portrait. reductive but perhaps containing some truth.

a lot of this detritus is entropy – the product of action. people look for ways to waste time, worship gods, accumulate more detritus, impress…



if you wish to see more work (i am updating it as quickly as i can) click here.


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