d by ben varney
d, a photo by ben varney on Flickr.

this is an older piece – three or four years i think. it holds some importance to me.

i entered it into to the ra summer show that year & when i went to collect it (it was rejected) i was in the neighbourhood so i took it to a small gallery off coin street.

i asked the woman at the counter if she would mind me showing her artwork. her eyes glazed over but she politely assented & when she saw the piece she visibly perked up. ‘very interesting’ she said ‘we only sell large n colourful though’ – indicates to huge canvases covered in blobs of oil paint and a massive reproduction (probably rendered in acrylics) of a still from ‘good, the bad & the ugly’ – clint squinting past a cigar (he only squints because otherwise he looks too young). ‘do you do anything large n colourful?’

either the question was rhetorical or my demeanour undermined my claims that i could…

this piece was framed & given to the subject as was originally promised.

and since that meeting in 2008 or whenever, it is my ambition: large n colourful. after all, rent needs paying.


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