And inert.

Under the terrible blow of that inert force that everyone hints at, and which never became so obscure as when the whole world and present-day life had meddled in its elucidation.

Antonin Artaud on Van Goph from ‘The Man Suicided by Society’.

the dulwich picture gallery has a mix up exhibition of cy tombly and poussin. it’s a bit odd. smacks of curatorial arrogance more than anything. good to see the work though. or (at least) i was very impressed with twomblys’ sculpture.

the gallery was under the spell of a van goph self portrait, not much in there could give any resistence…


not that van goph another.


Intellectuals have to make it look complicated.

It’s part of their job.

Noam Chomsky, publicity for ‘Four Horseman’ documentary: (very interesting).


chomsky has made some pertinent (as ever) remarks on education: once taught in a formal education it is necessary for the individual to teach themselves again… relearning and forgetting whatever the accepted line might be.

school & jobcentre will teach you how to fit into your place in this world; knowledge is power and grey knowledge; charles fort’ ‘damned knowledge’ perhaps, is dangerous. as is a population which thinks for itself; where there is room for epistemological doubt.

libraries are being shut down, the places where people can go for warmth and information & art is the province of academics, speculators & posers.



It’s doing what we’re told that makes us free.

Soldier on train, The Singing Detective’ by Dennis Potter.


since voluntary action / expression is rather more complex than ‘circumstance’ or free will – the levels of irony to this statement are… many. burn those neural pathways and wallow in the outcome. i suppose there’s no percentage in asking (perhaps investigating) in whose long term (maybe short term) interests it is for us to act as we do.


this is still an unfinished piece – they will all be ready for open studios at the arthouse at the beginning of october.


vision isn’t something you will find writ on many artists statements. & i suppose declaring that it is something you have might seem presumptuous; art being so subjective / the art world has succumbed to solipsism & won’t budge due to jealous decrepitude. & the need to protect investments.

solipsism = having your cake and eating it. a saying which puzzled me when teenage (naturally i suppose) but once the cake is eaten you no longer ‘have’ the cake: the anticipation of eating, tasting, touching, smelling; the status it may confer in holding… etc… time has moved on and action is fulfilled.







i think we will see a lot of artists rummaging through the rubble of the recent riots desperately searching for subject matter to fuel their ‘praxis’. out of common curtesy: please don’t.

more and more i note that art tends towards the parasitic rather than the revelatory when it comes to social justice & politics. the horrific dynamism on english streets – frustration, poverty & rioting – should be radicalising and motivating active work not critique or spectacular…


When Dead


It will be much better when

I am under the bough;

I shall be more myself, Dear, then,

Than I am now.

No sign of querulousness

To wear you out

Shall I show there:  strivings and stress

Be quite without.

This fleeting life-brief blight

Will have gone past

When I resume my old and right

Place in the Vast.

And when you come to me

To show you true,

Doubt not I shall infallibly

Be waiting for you.

Thomas Hardy


hardy seemed to see life as a mistake & death as the solution. it was probably a traditional belief for his class and one passed down to him from his mum.