You never copy the glass on the table; you copy the residue of a vision…. Each time I look at the glass, it has an air of remaking itself, that’s to say, its reality becomes uncertain, because its projection in my head is uncertain, or partial. One sees it as if it were disappearing, coming into view again, disappearing, coming into view again – that’s to say, it really always is between being and not being. And it’s this that one wants to copy.

Alberto Giacometti. [1964]

the better i understand giacometti, the more i draw from his work, learn of his methods & read his writing; the more i appreciate just how profound his vision was. it was his drawings that made me see what art could achieve and inspired me to wish to draw myself. he inspired in me an epiphany. i knew nothing of ‘art’, was tired of theory, procrastination, assumptions & inane speculation. after studying philosophy (but before i read wittgenstein) this is real philosophy.



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