finished this sketchbook.

exciting times: traveled up to the lake district & saw the castlerig stone circle and blackwell – arts & crafts – house (and some epic scenery). passed through leeds & popped into the henry moore institute and leeds art gallery. am now in cambridge; today i wandered into kettles yard and the fitzwilliam museum…

lots of different art made for different reasons (some obscure) & presented in a multitude of ways… for a multitude of reasons.  some of them obscure.

from my perspective, the traditions in painting did not come out too well. very few make any sense – are dull or painfully pretentious.

[with the exceptions of cezanne, sickert, vermeer (for being odd), turner, blake, rothko, keifer, wallis,  bacon & rembrandt, – on this trip].

am flicking through a couple of books. one on mark rothko and another on anselm keifer.

the images used to represent their work are laughable – there is no way they can be conveyed as 2d images,

but that is how they are presented.


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