First up was Chief Inspector Ian Kibblewhite of Enfield police. He had just begun his speech when he suddenly broke off. “Is it funny?” he shouted, glaring at a couple of sneering gang members. “You may think you belong to a big gang, you may be 50 people, even 100, but we have 32,000 in our gang. It’s called the Metropolitan police.”

gang culture, see rest of article:

this world view – to see the world in terms of crime. where there is activity there is crime. each person is a potential criminal (reduced likelihood according to race / class – plus some crime (not crime?) is ‘necessary’: large nations engaged in violence against other nations on ideological grounds – not fitting an ideological / rationalist hobby horse (cynical invention?), speculators / bankers accruing profit in credit by destroying capital, etc.). the inevitable shift as violence equals out across nation state. as above; so below, as within; so without.

a thing (fantasy) has a perceived necessity (fictionalised), necessary for the completion of the system (fabricated). violence is the direct route to acquiring said precious thing. this version (perversion?) of a system can never be complete because it rejects all other systems around it & will nevertheless seek out necessities in order to affirm the existence of ‘this system’. following the logic of the policeman’s’ words (assuming he was reliably quoted but – even if he weren’t) look to gangster culture for the most effective small scale examples of how the uk ‘functions’.



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