pigeon hole ii

papermache & chicken wire, 160 x 140 x 50 mm, 2012

once one is speaking broadly & making assumptions about peoples very specific cultural capital / intellectual capital (for example; ‘people won’t get this it is too obscure’) then one is allowing self censorship and very much giving up to hegemony. the industry of demographics, & the extensive use of pigeon holing, is one of control especially once one can convince a populace to take pride in the pigeon hole they are placed in.

(if the object in point is deliberately obscure or obscurity is its only quality (i could imagine that such a thing – in the art world anyway – may come about with an excellent thesis explaining / justifying its importance) then perhaps it is on a hiding to nothing.)

inclusivity assumes that ‘massed’ humanity need be able to appreciate the same things / function at the same levels at the same time. exclusivity is automatically sorting people out and according privilege. neither is desirable.

art by its nature is available to all. as creative beings. but access to education needs to be available to all; very specifically, self education.


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