pencil in sketchbook, a5, 2012


there’s an argument given me when i was first grappling with notions of government which stated that not-voting would be an insult to all the working class men and women who struggled to win me my vote. presumably though that struggle was a struggle for a say in how government was running their lives rather than a tacit acknowledgement that an appearance of self-management should be maintained. & it’s still an interesting argument in terms of politicking: regime change is rarely effected by voting, voting in itself will not engage with the problems of society unless those problems are held up to be voted upon and the process which acts on the vote (which surely would have to be run by the voters) follow the results of the vote.


One thought on “innit

  1. so speaks a man of many co-ops and a witness to large apathy and misplaced delegation. democracy is on a sliding scale it seems. Ax

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