It makes sense, right? The sovereign individual, responsible but free, legislates reality through a million momentary choices. It’s the essence of democracy, the Enlightenment, of America itself, very similar to the honest answer Nicolette Stanley gave about Shell and the Nigerian army: “Ultimately, I’m responsible for my own behavior.” And Zilnik, like Stanley, seems like a very decent person.

So why does the CO2 keep rising?

“I can only be responsible for myself,” Zilnik says.

Read more: http://www.esquire.com/features/keystone-0912-3#ixzz23PqhMdNw 10th August 2012. Article by John H. Richardson. A beautiful analysis of  an environmental catastrophe in the making but also a great example of rationalisation.

i will put this into context. the affable, gentle, environmentally concerned individuals working to extract oil in canada can justify themselves by positioning themselves within the process. if one cannot see cause and effect then one cannot feel responsible, and the size of the operation is staggering – too much to take in, too much to rationalise – so the mind stops, relieved that it has done as much as it can do to justify a substantial pay check. in the background there is the supporting wall of rationality, the inescapable actuality that places all alternatives; and all opposition, in the world of the abstract and the immaterial.

the world: is as it is, and therefore the world economy is righteous in it’s actuality – in material fact, there is one economy and that is the system we must function within.

but the economy is not such an ‘actuality’ it is fantastical, and the annihilation of all modes of living which do not fit with the fantasy is the only way the fantasy can be maintained. otherwise it is not a system but a construction. and this is pursued through the manipulation of credit – the deification of a concept which can only be defined by a few…

pencil in sketchbook, a5, 2012

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