general not specific

The gesture was general not specific.

James Lord in ‘A Giacometti Portrait’, as Giacometti destroys some drawings.

pencil in sketchbook, a5, 2012


i’ve been reading the ‘genius of shakespeare’ by jonathon bate (in a simplified version of one of his conclusions) he argues that shakespeare functions so successfully because his work is full of contradictory (or apparently contradictory) ‘truths’. and that it is the performing of shakespeare’s words that gives these truths profundity, that the words need to be lived and can only come alive in action and experience. the performance need not be theatrical, the words have trickled through into the micro and the macro, becoming a part of our mundane performances.

i can see how this can be applied to cezanne (& giacometti) – detail, and the cosmic are conjured in one movement, looking becoming an act (in the context of a life times work)


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