Or the pathos of it, perhaps; or the dull and uninspired, but courageous persistence of the scientific: everything seemingly found out is doomed to be subverted—by more powerful microscopes and telescopes; by more refined, precise, searching means and methods—the new pronouncements irrepressibly bobbing up; their reception always as Truth as last; always the illusion of the final; very little of the Intermediatist spirit—
That the new that has displaced the old will itself some day be displaced; that is, too, will be recognized as myth-stuff—
But that if phantoms climb, spooks of ladders are good enough for them.

Charles Fort, Book of the Damned.

myth stuff clutters up civilisation like fat clogs up sewers (see here) but i s’pose as long as you can see it for what it is

no – no we need curators for that


watercolour on paper, a3, 2012


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