Talking nonsense is man’s only privilege that distinguishes him from all other organisms.

Fyodor Dostoevsky, ‘Crime and Punishment’.

watercolour on paper, 297 × 420 mm, 2012


it’s strange reading dostoevsky again; he seems to work so hard to eke out words, like samuel beckett in reverse. the nonsense and the hysteria, the fudging and flights of ecstatic fear. before when i read him i took it all as a matter of faith, perplexed but enjoying the peculiar wit, the philosophy and the mysterious poetry at work. now it seems the demon throwing up words is punishing the reader, and in a quest for sense

1 thought on “funny”

  1. Very nice painting. This is not a knock, but I can see Bill Clinton somewhere in there. Somehow.

    I love Beckett and how he pushes the words out. Interesting take on Dostoevsky. I will try to read him again in the near future and take this to note.

    Guess some of it depends on the translator.

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