papermache & chicken wire, 2012


when you seriously consider the magritte painting ceci n’est pas une pipe. and get past the fact that it is a picture, or finish with inquiries into the nature of labeling it seems you must be left with the subtle nature of matter. the illustration is a construction of the visual values which make up a pipe; combining cultural conditions with visual prompting, & photo realistic shorthand.

an investigation into matter is another thing wherein alchemy comes


We Shall Naturally look round in vain the macrophysical world for acausal events, for the simple reason that we cannot imagine events that are connected non-causally and are capable of a non-causal explanation. But that does not mean that such events do not exist… The so-called “scientific view of the world” based on this can hardly be anything more than a psychologically biased partial view which misses out all those by no means unimportant aspects that cannot be grasped statistically.

Carl Jung.

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watercolour on paper, 420 × 594, 2012

originality is somesort of myth. an overused word successfully achieving deification as an aspect of ‘spectacle’ or a utopian ideal proving the successes of consumerism in corrupting history. leading us by the hand and along the road to fascism 


To be radical is to grasp things by the root.

Karl Marx

papermache, gesso, chicken wire, 300 x 200 x 40 mm, 2012


excellent definition of radicalism. probably somewhat controversial given it relates not at all to obscurity, aggression or originality. plus its source has somewhat ran out of favour but i like what little marx i’ve read, clever bloke, but compassionate.