“But governments have not responded to the change with any greater urgency about limiting greenhouse emissions,” (Justin) Gillis writes. “To the contrary, their main response has been to plan for exploitation of newly accessible minerals in the Arctic, including drilling for more oil” — that is, to accelerate the catastrophe.

The reaction demonstrates an extraordinary willingness to sacrifice the lives of our children and grandchildren for short-term gain. Or, perhaps, an equally remarkable willingness to shut our eyes so as not to see the impending peril.

Noam Chomsky on climate change.





one of the major problems with narrative is the human capacity to apply two contradicting narratives without indicating that there is contradictions

– or –

the very human capacity to exist with contradictory impulses is resisted  – refused – not acknowledged on a political / psychological / social / cultural level

[in the media, this hegemony; can only function in the one narrative paradigm.]


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