Maybe it’s avant-garde.

Alix Rule & David Levine on International Art English in Canopy Canopy Canopy.


i was contemplating addressing the sticky world of International Art English, i didn’t really want to because it’s not a world i like to enter. but i fancied being rude about it.

i have no need to say owt it’s all in this beautifully written article: http://canopycanopycanopy.com/16/international_art_english

know thine enemy.

watercolour on paper, a3, 2013

watercolour on paper, a3, 2013


on a personal note, my first reaction to reading the gibberish foisted on ‘art lovers’ was out and out horror, and now i simply loath it. i’m sure there are persons gathering grand collections of this nonsense but i just can’t find it funny. it’s an elitist vernacular designed to remove active purpose from language (or is that art, or life in general…). ho hum.


2 thoughts on “IAE

  1. hmm i have no problem at all, & i think it’s a u.s. based magazine so ? am not sure – maybe try finding it through search engines? s’good.

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