Nothing has changed so little in the course of the last 5,000 years of history as the balance. At the time of the Cyclopes, in Greece and Carthage, in mighty Persia that was felled by the blows of Alexander of Macedon – – everywhere , at all times and in all spaces, the most universal and indispensable machine has been the balance. Balances are as old as weapons, and it may be that they are one and the same – – what is a balance but a sword from a battle , laid across the crest of a rock, so the victors can divide up the booty with justice?

Andrei Platonov, Happy Moscow

pencil on paper, a5, 2013

pencil on paper, a5, 2013

In alchemy, putrefaction is the same as fermentation – a substance is allowed to rot or decompose undisturbed. In some cases, the commencement of the process is facilitated with a small sample of the desired material to act as a “seed” (rather lazily taken off wikipedia)


and so balance can be an attempt to prevent transformation, the moving of one state to another


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