It means nothing to me. I have no opinion about it, and I don’t care.

Picasso on the first moon landing, quoted in The New York Times, & wikiquote.

i’ve been speculating on what it must have been like to have worked in an art world with picasso in it…

it must have been hard work. especially since one of his great talents was doing other peoples ‘art genus’ better than them. so when i wander around exhibitions in london where his — sorry — where exhibitors insist on displaying his, some of his, best work — ‘the vollard suite’ for example. that is: a few examples taken from ‘the vollard suite’

hoping to punt on a picasso print here & there is a worthy occupation

placing other work in the same room as a picasso print can be dicey. it’s easy to come a cropper, and totally forgivable if the other work might fade a little in comparison; a particular sort of bloodlessness – i mean – against a picasso other work may look as though it may be bloodless or lacking in blood. but then maybe — and here i wonder whether the question should even be put into words, perhaps it should not be offered up, there being no place for it — should ‘blood’ be in it

charcoal on paper, 350 x 250 mm, 2013

charcoal on paper, 350 x 250 mm, 2013



the work above is available as a print here: http://www.frcontemporary.com/en/shop/index.php


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