ROSE: The dentist told me what it would cost this afternoon.  MANNY: Yeah?
R: Three hundred dollars for the four wisdom teeth.
M: That’s a lot of money, but with prices what they are… …maybe it’s not too unreasonable.
R: He even gave me a little lecture on evolution on the side.
It seems the human race is growing smaller jaws… …and having fewer teeth. But the teeth are ahead of the jaws…
…and so everybody has more teeth than they know what to do with.
That’s why I have four impacted wisdom teeth.
M: You look just about perfect to me. If evolution can produce you, it’s doing pretty good. I don’t think we ought to complain
about a few impacted teeth.
R: All right, we won’t complain about it.
How do we pay for it?
M: We’ve had big doctor bills before this.
R: I know, but I thought… …we’d come to the end of all that.
We borrow money, and for years… …we pay out on the installment plan.
It keeps us broke.

The Wrong Man; Alfred Hitchcock, 1956.


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