Polytheists may be jealous of their gods, but they are not missionaries. Without monotheism, humankind would surely still have been one of the most violent animals, but it would have been spared wars f religion. If the world had remained polytheist, it would have been spared wars of religion. If the world had remained polytheist, it could not have produced communism or ‘global democratic capitalism’.

It is pleasant to dream of a world without militant faiths, religious or political. Pleasant, but idle. Polytheism is too delicate a way of thinking for modern minds.

John Gray: Straw Dogs: Thoughts on Humans and Other Animals (2002)




straw dogs

If Darwin’s discovery had been made in a Taoist or Shinto, Hindu or animist culture it would very likely have become just one more strand in its intertwining mythologies. In these faiths humans and other animals are kin. By contrast, arising among Christians who set humans beyond all other living things, it triggered a bitter controversy that rages on to this day.

John Gray: Straw Dogs: Thoughts on Humans and Other Animals (2002)


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graphite and pastel, a4, 2016


To forget learning is to end trouble. The smallest difference in words, such as “definitely” and “probably”; who could measure the distance?

There is nothing which cannot be afeared: what we fear is to be feared; since all fear it!

The multitudes of men are happy, so happy, as though celebrating a great feast. They are as though in springtime ascending a tower. I am as one who yawns, without any trace of desire. I am like a babe before its first smile. I appear sad and forlorn, like a man homeless. All men have abundance, only I am as if forgotten.

I have the heart of a fool: so confused, so dark. The men of the world seem lively and keen-witted; I alone appear blank in my mind. They seem clever, only  I am as if locked in upon myself unquiet and turbulent, alas, like the sea. All men have their purpose. I alone appear useless and uncomprehending; but I consider it worthy to seek nourishment from the Mother.

chapter 20, Dao De Jing, Lao Tzu. A mutant translation using Wilhelm (Ostwald), Crowley and here: