To forget learning is to end trouble. The smallest difference in words, such as “definitely” and “probably”; who could measure the distance?

There is nothing which cannot be afeared: what we fear is to be feared; since all fear it!

The multitudes of men are happy, so happy, as though celebrating a great feast. They are as though in springtime ascending a tower. I am as one who yawns, without any trace of desire. I am like a babe before its first smile. I appear sad and forlorn, like a man homeless. All men have abundance, only I am as if forgotten.

I have the heart of a fool: so confused, so dark. The men of the world seem lively and keen-witted; I alone appear blank in my mind. They seem clever, only  I am as if locked in upon myself unquiet and turbulent, alas, like the sea. All men have their purpose. I alone appear useless and uncomprehending; but I consider it worthy to seek nourishment from the Mother.

chapter 20, Dao De Jing, Lao Tzu. A mutant translation using Wilhelm (Ostwald), Crowley and here: http://www.yellowbridge.com/onlinelit/daodejing20.php


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