When you look at

One needs a medium. The best is, one is his own medium. But don’t be serious because seriousness belongs to a passed time. This medium, called you yourself will tell you to take absolutely the wrong material. That is very good, because only the wrong material used in the wrong way, will give the right picture, when you look at it from the right angle. Or the wrong angle. That leads us to the new ism: Anglism. The first art starting from England [the country of Schwitters’ forced stay, when he wrote this quote], except the former shapes of art.

‘That is my confession I have to make MERZ’ (1940 – 1946), Kurt Schwitters.


Kiefer i think has chosen a path no longer available to anyone who follows art fashions and finance, he has created spiritual art. spiritual art is that art which words will not describe.

the mysteries of this here that which is within us and before us and above us and below us and around us and beyond us are not expanded on or revealed but given breath, light and further hidden