pencil in sketchbook, a3, 2012




drawing. drawing needs to be an opportunity to look, to really look with an openness. the whole needs to be involved; it is a psychic exploration, not imitation. cameras are very good at imitation, tools for creative use of imagery. when drawing, all assumptions about what can be seen must be lost. that way it becomes something other than a mechanical exercise.

creative is overused, an overused or perhaps merely abused. i was asked whether i am creative, it came up in an interview after i had enquired after the subjects ambitions, i found it difficult to reply. the question was specifically ‘are you creative?’ the answer should have been either: ‘aren’t we all?’ or perhaps: ‘given the right circumstance yes’ the answer i gave was ‘sometimes’. ‘you’ being the cypher and ‘creative’ being a cypher. by cypher i mean an unknown subject or entity unknown because the subject is bland (just trying to be clear). ‘sometimes’ seemed sufficiently broad to disperse any specificity and therefore active meaning; and seemed in the spirit of the question, though i wondered whether i wanted to get into the spirit of the question. even being facetious though i often find that conversations on creativity end up in syllogistic fallacies, and such. also i find conversations in art arrive to the same point(s). and facetiousness. art & creativity lead to being facetious.

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