Some texts:

Book of The Damned, Charles Fort

The Idiot & The House of the Dead, Fyodor Dostoyevsky

The Empty Space, Peter Brook

Sculpting in Time, Andrei Tarkovsky (trans. Kitty Hunter-Blair)

Austerlitz, W. G. Sebald

In Praise of Shadows, Junichiro Tanizaki

Eyes of the Skin, Juhani Pallasmaa

The Marriage of Heaven & Hell (illuminated) (& all else too), William Blake

Experiencing Architecture, Steer Eiler Rasmussen

Still Ill & Proust / 3 Dialogues With Georges Duthuit, Samuel Beckett / Duthuit

The Plays (& short stories), Samuel Beckett

Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, Wittgenstein

Zen in the Art of Archery, Eugen Herrigel and R.F.C. Hull

Blake and Antiquity, Kathleen Raine

The World Turned Upside Down, Christopher Hill

We, Yevgeny Zamyatin

Artaud Anthology, Antonin Artaud (various translators)

Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy Gentleman, Laurence Sterne

Shakespeare’s Language, Frank Kermode

Thomas Hardy, Claire Tomlinson

The Complete Lewis Carroll, Lewis Carroll

Poems, J. H. Prynne

The Art of Tantra, Philip Rawson

Psychology and the East & Essays on the Psychology of the Transference and Other Subjects, C. G. Jung

The Robinson trilogy, Patrick Keiller

Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock

The Discrete Charm of the Bourgeoisie,  Luis Bunuel

King Lear, William Shakespeare (Peter Brook in film)

Othello, William Shakespeare (Orson Welles in film)

Stalker, Andrei Tarkovsky

A Taste of Cherry, Abbas Kierostami

Nosferatu, Werner Herzog

The Piano Teacher, Michael Haneke

Twin Peaks: The Return & Mulholland Drive, David Lynch

The Turin Horse, Bela Tarr

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