People want to see patterns in the world. It is how we evolved. We descended from those primates who were best at spotting the telltale pattern of a predator in the forest, or of food in the savannah. So important is this skill that we apply it everywhere, warranted or not.

Benoit Mandelbrot. The (Mis)Behavior of Markets (wikiquote)


I collaborated on the script [of Cella s’apelle l’aurore] with Jean Ferry, who was very close to the surrealists. Among our frequent arguments was one in particular about a “magnificent” love scene Jean had written which was in fact three pages of terrible dialogue. I cut it, and substituted a […] scene in which Marchal enters, drops exhausted into a chair, takes off his socks, watches Lucia Bose serve him his soup, and then gives her a little turtle as a present. Ferry was quite miffed… [objecting to] …the socks, the soup, the turtle, and the dialogue…

Luis Bunuel my last breath.