Never try to convey your idea to the audience — it is a thankless and senseless task. Show them life, and they’ll find within themselves the means to assess and appreciate it.

Andrei Tarkovsky “Sculpting in Time”.

I have ‘Sculpting in Time’ coming through the post, & therefore make no apologies for ripping this off ‘wikiquote’. (especially as I’ve used ‘wikiquote’ so frequently without that circumstance).

I have to say though the sentiment Tarkovsky expresses – a sentiment I admire and wholly work to achieve – is currently / apparently – apparently / currently anomalous. Certainly amongst all the teaching, and all the artists, and writing I observe

— and possibly it is entirely antithetical to contemporary art.

Maybe I’m wrong maybe the blandness of the quote is sufficient to cover many takes on ‘show’, ‘life’ and ‘ideas’. I think holding Tarkovsky’s films in the mind and reading the quote gives it a startlingly radical reading, and that the three words much abused across various cultures become alien and strangely resistant to easy expiation or ideological abuse

Maybe the broad struggles with the reductive

The drawing is a nude.


The BBC is putting the very wonderful ‘Late Junction’ under threat, threatening to cut it down to once a week. There are things to sign at ‘Avaaz’ & ’38 degrees’ please sign.

Late Junction is a fantastic resource of marvelous art n music on Radio 3 in the evenings. I am currently listening to:

The drawings are from a ‘Listen!’ event of improvised music; ‘Jade’ Nick Malcom’s quartet. Very enjoyable.