There are no longer any gods whom we can invoke to help us.The great religions of the world suffer from increasing anemia, because the helpful numina have fled from woods, rivers, and mountains, and from animals, and the god-men have disappeared underground into the unconsciousness. There we fool ourselves that they lead an ignominious existence amongst the relics of our past.

C. G. Jung ‘Man and his Symbols’



matter / encompass

Today, for instance, we talk of “matter”. We describe its physical properties. We conduct laboratory experiments to demonstrate some of its aspects But the word “matter” remains a dry, inhuman, and purely intellectual concept, without any psychic significance for us. How different was the former image of matter – the Great Mother – that could encompass and express the profound emotional meanings of Mother Earth. In the same way, what was the spirit is now identified with intellect and thus ceases to be the Father Of All. It has degenerated to the limited ego-thoughts of man; the immense emotional energy expressed in the image of “Our Father” vanishes into the sand of an intellectual desert.

C.G. Jung ‘Man and His Symbols’

pencil and pastel on paper, a3, 2016