Utopean dreams // phrenology

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from ‘Character From The Face’ by Jacques Penry 1956


Taken from a typically dubious book of phrenology. Mapping self and identity across physiognomy. One tool used by the Victorians to ‘scientifically’ justify the lower orders place at the bottom of their society. Clearly continued by this individual into the 1950’s and echoing some of the beliefs embedded in eugenics.




There’s no mystic moment involved just
that we are
is how, each
severally, we’re
carried into
the wind which makes no decision and is
a tide, not taken. I saw it
and love is
when, how &
because we
do: you
could call it Ierusalem or feel it
as you walk, even quite jauntily, over the grass.

“The Holy City” J. H. Prynne.