The mechanistic view is purely causal; it conceives an event as the effect of a cause, in the sense that unchanging substances change their relations to one another according to fixed laws. The energic point of view on the other hand is in essence final; the event is traced back from effect to cause on the assumption that some kind of energy underlies the changes in phenomena, that it maintains itself as a constant throughout these changes and finally leads to entropy, a condition of general equilibrium. The flow of energy has a definite direction (goal) in that it follows the gradient of potential in a way that cannot be reversed.

C.G. Jung, ‘On Psychic Energy’


+ an exciting creature:


asgor jorn is an interesting painter – & a person new to me – i have only tentatively dipped into situationist writings though i have been influenced by them through various sources. maybe even studied them, a little; and from a distance. the cobra movement i have ignored altogether – potentially to my detriment.

i have recently read ’50 years of recuperation of the situationist international’ by mckensie wark because it was recommended by this person: – phil smith. i think i can recommend it too.

asger jorn is recorded as describing the experience of time as being like a knot. which seems apt.