Line and modelling do not exist.Drawing is the relationship of contrasts or, simply, the rapport of two tones, white and black.

(also: ‘there are no lines; a shape is defined only by neighbouring forms’)

Paul Cezanne ‘Conversations with Cezanne’ ed. M Doran.

Cezanne’s words are a mine of fascinating principles and paradoxes invariably wrapped in obtuse wit and further obscured by an explosive temperament….

Wonderful to read, occasionally frustrating.

antipathy for perspective

The whole Renaissance tradition is antipathic to me. The hard-and-fast rules of perspective which it succeeded in imposing on art were a ghastly mistake which it has taken four centuries to redress; Paul C├ęzanne and after him Picasso and myself can take a lot of credit for this.. ..scientific perspective forces the objects in a picture to disappear away form the beholder instead of bringing them within his reach as painting should.

George Braque