Life is appalling!

Paul Cezanne.

paul cezanne was a revolutionary painter…

people are generally contradictory even by their own standards & it is impossible to be anything but contradictory by society’s standards. paul cezanne was (by report) an ignorant old man. but also a genius.

the broken line he took from goya, the colours he took from daumier, the mass and distortion he took from michaelangelo…

paint marks become the means to eradicate nonsense – to process information & organise the bare essence of life.

i have seen numerous critiquess dismissing his drawings – that he (like william blake & george braque – who tend to be similarly treated) cannot draw. this is a fundamental misunderstanding of drawing.

a drawing can never be a simulacrum of reality.

it can only ever be a study of reality.

[just as it can never be any more than pencil on paper (or whatever medium – sticks, clay concrete, moss, house paint, fireworks, bunting, whatever).]


When I wish to find out how wise , or stupid, or how good, or how wicked is anyone, or what are his thoughts at the moment, I fashion the expression of my face, as accurately as possible, in accordance with the expression of his, and then wait to see what thoughts or sentiments arise in my mind or heart, as if to match with the expression.

Dupin, quoting a schoolboy, Edgar Allen Poe from ‘The Purloined Letter’.


There is so little I know. It is as though I were walking down a long corridor that once was mirrored, and fragments of mirror still hang there, dark and shadowy, reflecting a dark image of me… and yet not me… someone else, in other clothes, of another time, doing things I have never done… but still me… And I can’t stop to ask why, I must keep on walking. At the end of the corridor there is nothing but darkness…

Madelaine Ester, Vertigo, script written by Samuel A. Taylor & Alec Coppel based on the novel by Pierre Boileau and Thomas Narcejac. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. 1958.


not sure i have much to say.

putting this film with this image maybe killing the piece. giving it more meaning than it deserves.

it is this particular quote that i wish to use.

the film is beautiful.



[arising from personal experience – not coming from dagmara or laban.]

how does identity relate to a persons performance?

what does body language contribute to identity: most people are only very slightly aware of all the information their bodies express…

it seems to me that there are many universals in unconscious body language.

the physical exploration – of both the formal possibilities of the body & the expressive potential of the psychic / psychological body.

slime in a maze


the story was one i read in the fortean times. they saw it as a way of understanding intelligence.

‘knowledge’ and computation being physical responses to an environment.

the drawing is from a japanese sculpture of ‘an actor’.